Winter 2020 Update

The Coronavirus Lockdown last March closed our church doors for the first time since the church was built and consecrated in the year 1380, indeed for the first time in over 800 years since church doors were locked.

We were however fortunate to be able to re-open for regular services in July, observing strict Covid 19 regulations and having been checked and certified as a Covid 19 Safe Church.

Since re-opening we have managed to hold Sunday services every week. Recently we held a Harvest Festival service at the end of October attended by a congregation of 14 where many food donations were presented. So many thanks to those who contributed so much, with the proceeds donated to the Louth Larder, whose services have been so much more in demand during the crisis.

Under government Covid 19 restrictions we have sadly not been able to open our Saturday shop and café. However, Freda over the summer months, has been able to set up her charity shop in her yard and adjacent to the churchyard enabling her to carry out her good work supporting the church and local charities. Many thanks to Freda.

After many weeks in trying to get permission to move the pews to make space for social distancing to enable our charity shop and café to re-open, which was  planned for this November, the second wave of Covid 19  and the sharp increase in infections, has forced us to postpone our re-opening until it is again safe to do so.

On a brighter note, after nearly 2 years of struggling to obtain permission, the re-decoration of our south aisle has now been completed and looks very bright and smart with all the green staining has gone. We have also received the first approval for the re-opening of the chancel door and soon we hope to be able to install a new oak door, our secondary means of exit in case of an emergency.

We have also received our first approval for the conservation of our 9 medieval oak carved angels. Their 7-year programmed journey will hopefully commence soon. The work will be carried out by The University of Lincoln with the angels finally be installed to their original nave positions in approximately 7-years.

          At the time of writing this editorial, we have now been required to again close our church doors due to the second wave of the pandemic. We were, however, fortunate to have held our first and only wedding this year, the announcement by the government was made on the evening of the lucky couples wedding day, and our last service for the foreseeable future was held the following day.

St. Edith’s church will be available for private prayer only, until restrictions are again lifted, and access for private prayer will be made available only on request by appointment and to follow strict Covid 19 guidelines. Arrangements can be made by contacting the Churchwarden, Peter Bates, telephone 01507 328917.

With Christmas fast approaching and the second lockdown now announced, our prayers are with you all at this most uncertain and difficult time.  

Keep well and keep safe. 

St. Edith’s

‘A Community Church moving forward