Hard-hat day

The ‘Hard-hat day’ on 15th October proved a great success and was greatly appreciated by all who attended. Here are some of the highlights.

Chris in full flow
Architect Chris Mackintosh-Smith (in the high-vis) showed the many visitors what wonders are being achieved.

The nave
The nave is scaffolded to support a crash deck below the roof.

The nave
Where, usually, only angels dare to tread.

Beneath the tower, the new accessible facilities are taking shape.

Aisle roof
The north-aisle roof is already reclad in stainless steel.

While the nave roof is undergoing extensive reinforcement.

Ben Peek showed how custom-made stainless-steel supports are bolted into the sound parts of the historic timbers, to preserve as much of the original structure as possible.

While the thirteenth-century angels get a well deserved rest, awaiting conservation.

More photos will be added to this blog post, as we gather them.