Christmas Events

Christmas is coming: Saturday December 15th will be our last Saturday Shop until January 19th, as we need all the space we have for our Christmas celebrations. At the Shop on the 15th, we shall be singing carols, chosen by anyone present that morning, while we decorate the tree. During the next few days, we shall clear the building, so that on the last day of term, the schoolchildren and staff can walk the short distance to Church for their end of term Christmas Service on Thursday 20th. There will be a Communion Service, of course, on Sunday 23rd, and a Crib Service at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, when all children present will be invited to help in retelling the Christmas story at the crib, and will receive little Christmas stockings before they leave, and there will be lots of opportunities for all of us to join in singing the well-known carols.

May God’s love bring you peace at Christmas and always.