A St Edith’s Update

Just a quick update on the work at St Edith’s.

Firstly a big thank you, to all those who came and helped with the clean up before Christmas. Lots of moving, dusting, hoovering and mopping involved, but it was great to be able to have our Christmas services in the Church.

The nave and aisle roofs are now finished, along with the associated timbers and stonework. The porch roof needs to be completed, but the scaffolding will be coming down very soon. Inside, the tower has been ‘opened up’, so that we can now see the west window, and the new toilet facilities have been installed.

The final part will be to fit the servery along the west end of the north aisle. The last part of the project will be to produce some information boards and leaflets, telling people about the church and the work done.

This all means that we should be back in church for March, with the regular worship and with our Saturday Shop up and running. There will still be work we need to do, but that will be for the next project. Thanks to all those who have taken such an interest in the church, and for your patience while it’s been going on.

God bless,